Personal Playlist by Iris (9 September 2016)


Another playlist? Again? There’s so much good music out there today that I just needed to make a new playlist again! Here we go! 

ice-choir-designsIce Choir just released a brand new album today, named Designs In Rhythm. A very catchy album sleeve, just like the music! It sounds very eighties, but totally reinvented and also refreshing! Please, go check out this album and let me know what you think! Don’t forget to check out previous album Afar as well!


cover_4208872016_rMarillion will release their eighteenth studio album later this month, but I already had the honour to listen to the complete album. Really, I adore the album name F*** Everyone And Run (F.E.A.R.)… But I have to admit that I have a hard time listening to this album. Five long ‘epic’ tracks… And I have no idea what to think about it so far. I think Marillion lost their way since the album Sounds That Can’t Be Made. I like some of the tracks on that album, but the long songs leave me cold… Just like this F.E.A.R. album so far. I don’t know if I should review this album. Don’t get me wrong, Marillion knows how to make long prog songs (The Invisible Man, This Strange Engine, just to name a few), but somehow this is something that barely reaches that epicness. Can I have my old Marbles-period Marillion back, please?


a3245414701_10Ok, now back to some positive news then! John Wesley will release his solo album named a way you’ll never be this October! This man knows how to make albums! I wrote a review of this album a few days ago, and you can read that review by clicking here. Really,  I wonder how it would have been if he ‘took over’ Porcupine Tree and will tour with all the original band members (with the exception of Steven Wilson). I think he would do a great job!


sand-snowman-cropNow something not really ‘new’, but very very good: Sand Snowman‘s A Doll’s Eyes! The album was released back in 2015, and I adore the music! It’s not something for everyone, because it’s experimental and psychedelic. I had the honour to interview him a couple of weeks ago, and the interview got aired last Saturday on ISKC Rock Radio. A very interesting interview, and you can listen to it by clicking here!


Last, but not least… Go check out this Youtube video of the band Angels or Insects below! Do it now! Yes, go click! Listen to it! Some sexy bloke named Clint seems to be involved in this band! Don’t forget to give the band a like on Facebook as well (just click on the band name)!

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3 thoughts on “Personal Playlist by Iris (9 September 2016)

  1. johnstout64

    Your playlist is a nice idea – a cool way to keep folk in touch with new and old releases without having to burden yourself with too many reviews. The Marillion album should be with me later this week so it’ll be interesting to see if i feel the same way. I first saw them in 83 on the Script tour, so that’s a lot of albums ago!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi John! Thank you for your reply. Wow, 1983 is indeed a long time ago, I’m very jealous!

      And my playlists are very popular it seems, people really like them.


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