About Sponsoring Me


Keep your roving reporter off the streets, but on the road! Click on the donate button on the top left side of the page (or click on the big plus on the top left side of the page when you’re reading this on your mobile device/tablet). You don’t need a PayPal account to donate!

Sadly, I do not get paid for anything that I do, so donations are the only way for making it possible to provide you the latest interesting interviews, album/gig reviews and more!

Where am I using your donation money for?

  • To pay for my travel costs, because traveling with public transport isn’t free here in The Netherlands. I travel to several venues, because I love to interview artists/bands in person. You also like to hang out with your friends and not only talk with them over Skype, right?
  • For paid Skype call interviews with international artists. Some artists don’t have a Skype account, so the only way to contact them is with calling them on their phone number. Those phone calls are not free.
  • To pay concert tickets and festivals where I write gig reviews for (most of the time, artists/bands are willing to put me on the guest list… Sadly, some don’t, which means I have to pay for the ticket. That is absolutely fine by me, artists need the money too!)
  • To buy albums which I like to review. I get a lot of music provided by Background Magazine, artists/bands, record labels and colleagues… But sadly not everything!
  • For buying proper recording equipment, camera equipment, software, hardware, and other material I need to keep my work going.
  • To buy food (cliche, but it’s true, but food is needed to keep your roving reporter alive)
  • To give it to people/artists/bands who need it harder than do when I get the chance/possibility to do so.
  • Other things I need to buy to keep all what I do possible!

You can donate any amount of money you want! Just one dollar/euro/pound can help me a lot! Please keep in mind that Paypal has a policy, which means that I don’t get the complete amount of money you donate. A part of it goes to Paypal itself to make this donate button on my website possible.

Thank you very much for reading and donating! You are one of the people who make this all possible!

A big hug from your roving reporter!

Iris, aka Ier!


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