Operation: Mindcrime – Resurrection (2016)


Resurrection is the second studio album of Geoff Tate’s project named Operation: Mindcrime, and is also part two of a trilogy story. The music is very catchy rock and metal, alternated with more progressive moments and twists, and contains the recognizable voice of mister Tate. The production isn’t too good sadly. Most of time it sounds very “clogged” when it comes to the mix, like you suffering from an ear infection that clogged up your ears, but somehow some bits and pieces sound fresh and more open. Too bad, because the music itself is good and enjoyable. The bass is heavy and present, which I quite like. It reminds me a bit of Queensrÿche’s early 2000’s music. It’s quite a long album because it’s over one hour long.

The title track Resurrection is an intro that contains spooky and haunting sounds and soundscapes. The instrumental When All Falls Away starts pretty bombastic and is the real opener track on the album, followed up by two short passages again, A Moment In Time and Through The Noize, which do contain Geoff Tate on vocals. Left For Dead is an awesome rock track with an accessible chorus that invites you to sing along. Miles Away starts with exaggerated drums, which carry on through the song and gives it extra power. Healing My Wounds starts with a solo guitar, and later on a solo bass part, followed by the complete band joining in. This song also contains a saxophone solo and a neat guitar solo, very cool! The Fight is a real ballad, containing serene musical passages. Taking On The World is a more up tempo track again, and the song itself is quite catchy. It would do great as a single. Invincible is the longest track on the album and has a long, surprising and euphoric intro. A Smear Campaign also has a cool intro, and is a solid rock track containing saxophone solos, keyboard solos and guitar solos. Which Side You’re On is heavy an dark, with rough guitar riffs, but has a very melodic mid-section. Into The Hands Of The World is also like the previous track a dark and heavy song. It does contain a surprising, almost dubstep like passage. Last song Live From My Machine starts with industrial sounds but becomes a heavy ballad.

The album has a bit of a slow start with all those small “in between passage” tracks, but later on it turns into a secure rock album. It’s an album that doesn’t need much spins to be immediately appreciated. The fans will love it for sure, and I do recommend to listen to this, even though you’re not a fan of Geoff Tate or Queensrÿche. Still, it’s something that I would not play often myself, but something I would continue to listen to in the future.

**** Iris Hidding

  1. Resurrection (1:45)
  2. When All Falls Away (2:27)
  3. A Moment In Time (0.31)
  4. Through The Noize (1:12)
  5. Left For Dead (4:30)
  6. Miles Away (4:44)
  7. Healing My Wounds (5:34)
  8. The Fight (5:23)
  9. Taking On The World (5:48)
  10. Invincible (7:36)
  11. A Smear Campaign (6:32)
  12. Which Side You’re On (6:12)
  13. Into The Hands Of The World (7:20)
  14. Live From My Machine (6:16)



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