Personal Playlist by Iris (22 September 2016)


Time for a brand new playlist again, filled with brand new music, and also one slightly older album. Go check it out! 

802644835426Let’s start with a brand new album that I already reviewed last week. The Pineapple Thief delivered a splendid album with Your Wilderness. An album I really enjoy listening to, and I’m sure a lot of other people will too. A recommendation! You can read my complete review here.


eots_800_67a147d5b8cf2c034f0728d8c5733881Riverside will release a double album named Eye Of The Soundscape in October this year. This is a completely instrumental album, based on recordings made between 2007 and 2015, and also new tracks recorded in early 2016. I feel honoured to already have this promo in my playlist. I can assure you; this is a wonderful gem! I hope I can give this album a proper review soon!


51aythlenlOk, now time for something ‘older’. Kino released their album named Picture in early 2005. You can see Kino as some kind of prog rock super-group with John Mitchell (Frost*, Arena, It Bites), Pete Trewavas (Marillion, Transatlantic), John Beck (It Bites) and Chris Maitland (Porcupine Tree). Sadly this band only made one album, but it’s a beautiful one! If you see yourself as a die-hard progressive rock fan, than this is the album you should definitely check out!


hair-in-a-g-string-the-brazilian-final-for-youtube-with-light-cropped_origTime for the one and only bloke of the blokes; Colin Tench! The bloke behind Bunchakeze and Corvus Stone will release a new album named Hair In A G-String (Unfinished But Sweet). He is accompanied by other nice blokes, such as blokes like Peter Jones, Angelo Hulshout, Ian Beabout, and tons of other blokes. Together they made a great album for blokes and blokettes! A bloke of an album! Check this out, bloke! I will write a review about this bloke soon!


00a_scambot_2_cover_square_copy_1024x1024What do you get when you mix every existing musical genre in a blender? You get a Mike Keneally album! A big thank you to bloke Ian Beabout, thanks to his interview with sir Keneally himself not so long ago I discovered this album, named Scambot 2. You can listen to the entire show, that also includes some tracks of the album, here:

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6 thoughts on “Personal Playlist by Iris (22 September 2016)

  1. johnstout64

    Where do you find the time to listen to all these albums? I’m lucky if I get through one a day – but then I used to go through dozens at a time just to keep up, and ended up not really appreciating any of them. I find if I pick up album a day and just focus on it, with a couple of repeats, I enjoy and appreciate it more.

    Problem is, those pesky folks at Kscope keep lining up several releases every weekend – they’re the one label I automatically buy every new release from, but they seem to be on overtime at the moment.

    Thanks for the reminder about Riverside – I must add that one to a future shopping list.

    This weekend it’ll be Marillion’s new one, and I’ll be getting some help from my fellow reviewer who’s nursing a damaged tail, so he’ll be quarantined indoors with me to listen to the album.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Where do I find time to listen to those albums… Eeeh… I really don’t know actually! I barely have the time to do all the stuff I actually want to do! I also have to disappoint a lot of artists that I don’t have time to review their album.

      And haha, yes, Kscope always has some wonderful stuff out there! And that Riverside album is amazing by the way! I really don’t know what to think about Marillion though, everybody is lyrical about it and I’m like “eeeh, it doesn’t stick at all”.

      I hope your fellow reviewer will be better soon. 😉


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