Personal Playlist by Iris (10 March 2016)


Yes, why not? I listen to a lot of new music, old music, weird music… Any kind of music! I discover a lot of new music thanks to the albums I get from Background Magazine/artists & bands to review, but sometimes I make time to explore both new and old music by myself. Here’s a selection of what I’m listening to recently…


a4160771947_10Let’s start with The Tea Club! I just finished my album review of their latest album Grappling (which will soon be uploaded to Background Magazine’s website and my own page). I really enjoyed the music I heard, a nice mixture of eclectic and experimental progressive rock! You can listen to their music here.


chet-faker-live-sessions1Now for something completely different. Chet Faker with Live Sessions. Chet Faker? Yep, that’s his stage name. I was listening to some random tracks on Youtube and suddenly his version of No Diggity popped up. When I heard it I was sold immediately. His three song EP Live Sessions is great!  Check his version here:


CblWtuPUcAA-XIZSomething I can’t get enough of is Mahoney‘s EP You Are The Big Bang. It’s still my number one album of 2016 so far! A splendid mixture or riffs, stoner rock and nuprog! If you want to know what I’m talking about, go check out my album review here. You can listen/buy the music here.


cover_3439917102008Old, but gold. I’ve seen Adrian Belew Power Trio back in February. Their versions the King Crimson tracks they played were phenomenal! I haven’t listened to the Discipline album for quite a while but I still enjoy it every time I put this on. Frame By Frame is one of my favourite songs on the album.


fflame1ccf7b8fef2f3e290e084dAnother album I can’t get enough of is Flame, the only album Richard Barbieri & Tim Bowness made together back in 1994. I wrote a small review about this masterpiece, which you can read here. My favourite track of the album is Brightest Blue, it’s just simply beautiful:

Well, this was it for now. This is only the tip of the iceberg, so please keep an eye on the page for more playlists!

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