Spam, bacon, sausage and spam (how to promote yourself on social media without looking desperate)


How do you promote your work without looking like a spambot, a troll… or a desperate person?  Well, that’s easy an easy answer for me!

My answer: I have no effing clue… Yes, I am that desperate person who spams in a lot of Facebook groups, hopes that somebody will retweet my tweets, has no clue how Google+ works and doesn’t know which internet forums/groups would actually ‘appreciate’ all my work.

Why this post? Well, I would love to have more readers, listeners and fans who will appreciate what I do, would like to help me, give me feedback on my stuff and can give me good advice. Hopefully, someday, I can turn my work into something that pays.

Do I sound desperate? Maybe I am, maybe not. I just have the feeling that I can reach more people, but sadly I have no clue how (yet). So, my question to you is, yes, you, over there, reading this… What is the best way to promote yourself? Message me in the comment section below, Facebook, Twitter, email, even Skype! In the meantime, feel free to read my reviews, listen to my interviews and other stuff I post here on this Grendel Headquarters page!

A big virtual hug from your favourite roving reporter, raving reviewer, amateur photographer,

Ier (or just Iris)


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