So this is January 2016… (About new music and interviews)


Is it just me, or are there a lot of new album releases this month? Sir Steven Wilson just released his EP 4 1/2 (my review about this album will be posted soon), Bruce Soord released his first solo album (you can read my review about his album here), Nick Beggs released brand new album with his band The Mute Gods, Dream Theater‘s latest album will also be released at the end of this month… And I probably forgot a lot of other artists/bands at the moment…

Yes, you could say that the year 2016 couldn’t start any better! Well, at least I’m quite satisfied, it’s like Christmas started early this year. I’m also very curious what the other months of the year will bring too!

This year I started to work (voluntary) for Dutch Prog website Progpraat, translating my radio interviews I had with artists/bands from English to Dutch. I also have the feeling that written interviews are more appreciated than radio interviews, or is it just me? I would like to discuss about it with you, yes you, the readers who follow all my ‘adventures’ in the big small world of ‘Prog’. What do you prefer? Listening to interviews or reading interviews? Just post your comment in the comment section or message me on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus… You know where to find me! 😉

Cheers and hugs!

Iris, aka Ier

PS: February is going to be a very exciting month when it comes to interviews, more info about it soon!


I know, this picture is not related to the post, but I just like this one (photo by Arjan).

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