… Uh? What? Sunday? Oh! Yeah! Right!


Is it Sunday already? Yes, it is! This week went fast, while ‘trying’ to take it more slowly… And I found out I still didn’t give myself a lot of rest despite not doing much at all.

Ok… What did I do anyway? Well, I had a lovely and long interview with two nice gentlemen from the band Crescent Moon at the beach yesterday! We talked for almost an hour! You will hear the interview soon on House of Prog (keep an eye on the page for the exact date and time)!

Really, I didn’t do much at all. I haven’t written any reviews for example, and still I have the feeling I barely had any rest… But I think that’s just me. I did listen to a lot of music and radio shows, and I was also chatting with a lot people on social media… And I think that’s my ‘problem’. When people start to talk to me via Facebook for example I (almost) always respond, and before you know you spend hours just talking to people.

I get emails/messages from bands and artists to review their album(s). I wish I could reply on all of your messages, but I have to tell myself “no” at the moment. My list of reviews is already way too long and I have to be very selective at the moment. I know, a lot of you guys are still waiting for a review, so I do hope I will have some reviews finished next week!

Anyway, enough blabla! Let’s go back to business! 😉 I’m curious what the next week will bring!

A big hug from your roving reporter, who wrote this message with a slight headache…

Iris, aka Ier

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