Grendel Head… Aches?


Hey! ‘sme again! I’m still alive and kicking, no worries! I’m also trying to find the right ‘tempo’ to work on lately… Please bear with me!

I’m ‘suffering’ (well, it’s what you call suffering) from a lot of ideas at the moment, but not finding the right time and energy to put any effort in some of those ideas… Yes, typically me!

I would love to change Grendel Headquarters in something more spectacular, but what? And doing this all for free is fun, but not something I could maintain forever. I asked for advice and got a lot of tips and tricks from friends, colleagues and other people, which is fantastic!

I’m thinking about turning this all (reviews, interviews and such) into a digital magazine… Or at least some sort of magazine. It’s all still in my head, but I hope I can turn all the ideas in something great… But what?

I know, it will probably start slow and small again, just like this page, which is almost one year old actually! Would be fun to celebrate Grendel Headquarters’ one year anniversary, right? Digital cake, perhaps?

Why am I posting this anyway? Not really ‘useful’, isn’t it? Oof, my head…

Oh, before I forget: Please tune in this Sunday at House of Prog at 9 PM Central European Time (which is 3 PM Eastern Time) so you will hear the lovely interview I had with the wonderful blokes from Crescent Moon! If you can’t make it to the ‘live’ show, no worries, I will post the show on Mixcloud and also on this page later that day… Or maybe Monday…

Yodel yodel and some hugs!

Iris, aka Ier!

PS: As you can see, there’s a ‘subscribe’ section on the left side of the page (just under ‘categories’). When you enter your email address (or click the ‘follow’ button) you will get my latest posts/updates automatically in your inbox!



3 thoughts on “Grendel Head… Aches?

  1. Digi-mag sounds grand! Whatever it is you decide to do will be awesome and great! What you do now is informative and well presented so the next steps will be possibly hard to undertake but in the end you will come out on top and it will be smashing!

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