Iris Discovers: Russian Industrial Cyber Metal


Why stick to ‘prog’ music while there are so many other genres to discover? Of course, what is prog nowadays anyway, and sometimes I like to hear what other genres have to offer.

Today’s genre: Russian Industrial Cyber Metal!

Eehm… What?

Yep, that!

The band Digimortal are a Russian industrial metal band. Some parts of the music can be categorized as ‘cyber’, but it could have been a bit more ‘present’ in the music. The lyrics are in Russian, normally I prefer lyrics in a language I can understand but somehow this fits the music quite well! Their latest album named ‘Дети Галактики’ (uhm… probably an awesome name) was released back in 2015. You can listen to the entire album here:

More information about the band:

Please, have a listen and let me know what you think! 🙂

A big thank you to my House of Prog colleague Olav for the music!


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