Short Album Review: Genesis – Calling All Stations (1997)


Everybody’s talking about which lead vocalist did a better job for Genesis and which ‘era’ made the best Genesis music. You have the die-hard Peter Gabriel lovers who claim that Genesis was at their best back then, and you have the Phil Collins supporters who say that Phil era made better and more accessible music… And then you have me, the Ray Wilson fan! Yes, even some people who presume they’re a ‘Genesis fan’ totally forgot that the last album Genesis made was not a Phil Collins album at all, but an album with Ray Wilson.

Ray Wilson is a wonderful musician, I had the honour to interview him back in November 2015 (you can listen to the interview here), and to write a concert review of his concert at the Boerderij Zoetermeer, The Netherlands (you read the concert review here). Ray is also known as the frontman of the band Stiltskin, which had a hit back in 1994 with the track Inside. After Phil Collins left the band Genesis, Ray was asked to take over his place as lead singer in the band. In 1997 they released their album Calling All Stations. Sadly, the album was received poorly by critics, and even the fans.

Calling All Stations is a very under-appreciated album according to me. I actually enjoy the music on the album, which is more than one hour long. Title track Calling All Stations is a wonderful song, followed by the energetic track Congo. Not About Us a great love song and Uncertain Weather still carries the 80s Genesis vibe in my opinion. Ray’s vocals  doesn’t come near to Phil Collins of course, but he does carry a lot of emotion in his voice, and I even think he sings better than Phil.

Now, what’s your opinion about the album?

  1. Calling All Stations
  2. Congo
  3. Shipwrecked
  4. Alien Afternoon
  5. Not About Us
  6. If That’s What You Need
  7. The Dividing Line
  8. Uncertain Weather
  9. Small Talk
  10. There Must Be Some Other Way
  11. One Man’s Fool

More information about Ray Wilson:


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