So this was February 2016… (And I hope I will be back soon with a working PC… DARNIT!)


First of all: Apologies again! It seems like my computer is still suffering from technical problems, which means I can’t do much when it comes to writing, reviewing and all the other stuff I would like to do and need to do to keep my work flowing. I really hope that the problems will get solved soon! Anyway, let’s continue with some good news…

Last Thursday I interviewed the one and only Adrian Belew right before his gig with his Power Trio band. A real honour to interview this sweet man, and the gig was amazing too! I will post the gig review soon on Background Magazine and on this website and I will let you know when the interview can be heard on House of Prog (but no worries, I will also upload the show to Mixcloud and put the link on my website so you can listen back to it anytime you like).



Adrian wasn’t the only person I interviewed that Thursday, I also had a small interview with the band LizZard. They were the opener band that evening, I really enjoyed their performance as well!


It was an amazing month anyway, you check out my previous post about the month February (and what I did back then) here!

I also bought a new microphone this week, which I will use for recording my interviews and recording my (radio)shows. It’s not super-deluxe high tech thing, but I’m sure it will do the things it has to do… Still busy trying to figure out how to make it sound best of course!


Well, what can we expect in March? I hope no more computer problems! I still owe you, my dear reader/listener/follower/friend, the interviews I had with Colin Edwin and Neil Mahony and also a lot of album reviews too, so please keep an eye on my website. Have a great week everyone!


Iris, aka Ier

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