Is it March 2016 already? (The endless computer problems, amazing interviews and more wooptidoo news!)


It seems to be March 2016 already… Wow, how time flies! Anyway, let’s get straight to the news!

First of all, still some bad news… My PC still has a lot of problems, and the problems are getting worse. The hard drive where I collect all my important stuff (reviews, interviews, music) is now also malfunctioning from time to time, which means I’m still not able to write proper album reviews. Of course, a lot of people recommended to write some reviews with pen and paper (and I was heavily considering it), but sadly that doesn’t solve my computer problems. By the way, my handwriting sucks, I can barely read my own handwriting when I’m making notes! 😉 Luckily the problems will be solved someday, some friends offered me help (and I can’t thank you enough dear friends). I’m not sure when all the computer problems will be solved but I hope I can do as much as I can in the meantime.

Ok, now time for some good news! The Purple Flower Progressive Hour show (containing the interviews I had with Colin Edwin, Adrian Belew and LizZard) was aired last Saturday on House of Prog! I got a lot of positive feedback from the listeners and chatters, which I really appreciate! If you missed the show, no worries, you can listen to it here:

I also recorded a new ‘Ed & Iris Discuss’ episode together with my dear colleague Ed Wilkins! We discussed Mahoney… No… Wait… Live gigs! We discussed live gigs! It’s a very interesting show filled with lovely music. I will put the show on Mixcloud soon and will also make a special post here on my own website.

Talking about Mahoney: The interview with this amazing artist will be on House of Prog soon, so please stay tuned! I also wrote an album review of his debut EP ‘You Are The Big Bang’, which you can read here:

Ever wondered how I sound when I play bass guitar? The band MistEir just released their debut album. I had the pleasure to play along with a couple of tracks on the album! You can find more information about it here:

Well, I think this was it for now! Thank you very much for reading, my dear follower!

Hugs & snugs!

Iris, aka Ier!

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Me with Adrian Belew! Photo taken by Pallas!

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