Personal Playlist by Iris (22 April 2016)


A month since I posted my last playlist, so it’s time for a new one! I know, it has been a long time since I posted my latest album review as well, but no worries! Some reviews are ready to be posted (I wait until they are published on Background Magazine before publishing them here), and some are almost finished! Here’s a selection of what I’m listening to recently…

showPicLet’s start with something brand spankin’ new! The new Frost* album, named Falling Satellites, is not out yet. The official release is in May 2016. Well, what can I say, without spoiling my future album review? Oooh, I have to keep my mouth shut, something I don’t like to do! … Just pre-order the damn album, will ya? You won’t be disappointed, I’m very sure about that!


Saga_worlds_apart_alternativeNow time for something old! SAGA‘s Worlds Apart! A must have for everyone who ‘claims’ he likes the “good ol’ prog days”. The band is still active and great to see live! Their last album (Sagacity) is from 2014, and I silently hope they will bring out some new music soon!


three_trapped_tigers_silent_earthling_0416And now for something completely different! The band Three Trapped Tigers just released their second studio album named Silent Earthling earlier this month. I never heard of them before until Ian Beabout played some of their music during one of his Deep Cuts shows on House of Prog. Wikipedia tells me that they are an instrumental noise rock band… And maybe they are! I really enjoy this album, so please check it out!


3d42feb76e25cb696f9bdfb4738bb8e6Another ‘oldie’… Well, since when is something from the 90s ‘old’? I think this is Porcupine Tree‘s best album they’ve ever made. Signify is dark, beautiful & mesmerizing!  This album doesn’t get the attention it deserves in my opinion. If you like Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson‘s music but haven’t heard this album yet, please do!


bownessOf course, this playlist isn’t complete without an album Tim Bowness contributed on! Well, this isn’t just an album he contributed on of course! This album is my number one album of 2015! If you want to know why this album is my number one, and read my complete top 10 list of 2015, go click here!


Well, that was it for today. Keep an eye on the page for more playlists!

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