A small update from your roving reporter again!


Hey, ‘sme again with a small update! I would like to thank everyone who read/liked/commented on my blog post I wrote yesterday!

A lot of people read it, my stats were booming! Some even commented on it here, or messaged me on Facebook and Twitter. I really appreciate that you have read, liked and commented on my post! For the people who don’t know which post I’m talking about, just click here!

Sadly to say, the ‘golden reply’ I was waiting/hoping for hasn’t happened (yet), but I don’t mind! I really love it that people really care about my work. If I could I would squish you all in one big group-hug!

Anyway, where were we? Oh yes! Back to business again! I wrote a couple of reviews in the last couple of weeks, but they aren’t published yet on Background Magazine, so please be patient. They are worth the wait, I promise!

Of course, I do not only write reviews, I also read them! Some of my review colleagues who work for other websites/magazines write interesting reviews that make me ‘think’. I still have to write my review of Fractal Mirror‘s latest album Slow Burn 1, but I though this review (written by one of the contributing members of Proglodytes) is very interesting: https://proglodytes.com/2016/04/25/fractal-mirror-slow-burn-1/

It’s not just a review about the album, it also raises the question “When/why can an album be categorized as ‘Prog’?”… Well, when/why not? What is ‘Prog’ anyway?

Time for me to ponder…

Big hugs from your one and only roving reporter!

Iris, aka Ier!

PS: As you can see, there’s a ‘subscribe’ section on the left side of the page (just under ‘categories’). When you enter your email address (or click the ‘follow’ button) you will get my latest posts/updates automatically in your inbox!


A picture of me at one of my ‘offices’…

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