So this was April 2016… (I know, it’s already the 2nd of May, I’m a bit late)


Hey hey! My usual Sunday blog post on Monday again! 

I’ve uploaded my latest Purple Flower Progressive Hour show on Mixcloud, which was aired yesterday on House of Prog! I interviewed the band Silhouette and Jem Godrey of Frost*. If you haven’t listened to it yet, go listen to it here (NOTE: this Mixcloud link is NOT the end of the post, please scroll down for more news):

Last month I was taking things more ‘slowly’… And I didn’t like it! So, I’m busy writing reviews again and arranging new interviews for this month (yay)! My latest album reviews are already published on the website of Background Magazine, and I’m going to publish them here soon as well!

What to expect this month? I’m busy planning interviews with the band Pendragon and with John Young, woohoo! I also got a new batch of albums received from Background Magazine, so I will be busy writing some new album reviews too!

Sadly, there’s also some sad news… I lost a dear friend today. After almost seven years of friendship, and hanging out with each other each day, we’ve gone separate ways… I will miss you, dear eyebrow piercing! I hope we can be reunited soon again (yes, I feel ‘naked’ without my piercings).

Oh, and please, dear May… Don’t take away our brilliant artists! We lost so many already!

Cheers and hugs!

Iris, aka Ier!

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7 thoughts on “So this was April 2016… (I know, it’s already the 2nd of May, I’m a bit late)

  1. I always love the mystery you put in to some of your pictures Ier! So secret ops and 007 looking! As well very cool Rock star poses too! Love them all! : )
    Looking forward to reading more of your reviews!

    Liked by 1 person

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