Honourable mention: 7sleepers


Not so long ago, I posted an article about the fact that I I’m only into progressive rock music, and that I’m also open for a lot of other genres too. Suddenly I got a message on Twitter from someone named 7sleepers. He asked me if I was interested in reviewing his album, so I gave him my email address. Robin Wylie (his actual name) found out we shared one mutual Facebook friend named Matti Laine (I reviewed Matti’s album too, you can read that review here), and that’s how he actually found me.

Not much later I got a physical copy of Robin’s album, which he gave to me. I really love the packaging of the album. It also contains a card where Robin explains all the tracks with a small summary. It’s very cool each track has its own story. We had a lovely interview via Skype, and it became one of the longest interviews I’ve ever done, because it’s over two and a half hours long (I will let you know when the interview is available). Robin had so much interesting things to tell. He’s not only a very good artist, but also a very sweet guy as well.

I already heard his music on his website, and I was intrigued by what I heard. Sir Wylie told me that his mastering engineer said that the music sounded  like “Brian Eno producing a David Sylvian album”… Which is absolutely true in my opinion. It’s not a long album, it’s around half an hour long. On the back of the album you find the sentence “Seven songs about seven that might put you to sleep”. This music actually didn’t put me to sleep, but made me dream instead! And I think that’s the best way to describe the music, it’s very dreamy and beautiful. It’s hard to describe what’s going on, so best is to actually listen to it yourself!

Robin Wylie did everything on his own, playing (mostly acoustic & processed) guitars and doing the vocals. He’s a very good musician and has a very good voice. Still, I wonder how his music sounds like when he had surrounded himself with (guest) musicians, a drummer for example. I hope Robin will continue making beautiful music and that more people will discover his music.

This album is a grower, I’m afraid some people will not like it if they just give it one spin. Please, check out his music and let me and Robin know what you think! If you want a physical copy, please let us know!

A big hug from your roving reporter!

Iris, aka Ier!


Want the music for free, then go to this link:


You can listen to the music here:

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