Fractal Mirror – Garden Of Ghosts (2014)


Garden of Ghosts is Fractal Mirror’s second album.

It is not really a concept album but most songs contain three themes that keep coming back; connections/relationships in the 21st century, how the technology of nowadays affect those relationships and how memories/perspectives changes over time.

There aren’t many albums that keep my full attention through the whole music experience, but this album does. This album keeps me fascinated from the first to the last track. There are no tracks in between that you want to skip because it’s not interesting enough or break up the musical flow of the album, it could almost be one long interesting track with different musical twists and themes. It is not just bite-sized chunks of music (like most pop music nowadays) but real progressive rock. This is an album you can listen on the background while doing something else or just sit on the couch and give it your full attention. The album carries a certain musical atmosphere, mostly because there is a lot of happening musically on the background as well. I love the use of the mellotron patterns for example. I hear some influences of Porcupine Tree/Blackfield and Earth & Fire, but there’s no plagiarism to be found. I had to get used to the voice, but after a couple of listening sessions it started to grow on me.

The album sounds amazing, which is not unimportant. Many artists can record an album but that doesn’t mean it will sound great. You can hear that this album is made by musicians with experience and mixed/produced by someone who has a pair of good ears.

“House of Wishes” is a beautiful introduction, it immediately grabs your attention.”Lost in Clouds” is my favourite track for sure. The last track “Stars” is a wonderful 8 minute piece, it’s like watching the denouement of a long and fascinating movie.

5/5 (Five out of five stars)

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You can listen and order the album here:


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