… I’m back! (And I have some news for you!)


Yes, ‘sme again, back with a working computer! Well, keep the fingers crossed that it will never happen again… Being (some sort of) computer-less in 2016 is like… Being computer-less in 2016! 

Anyway, what did I miss? I hope not too much! Sadly, because of those computer problems (you can read ‘why’ here) I’m very behind schedule! I really hope that I can work on some reviews at a higher tempo than usual.

Well, I have some other great news too! I got two (and maybe even three, but not sure) interviews planned this week! Woohoo! I’m going to interview the band O.R.k. (a big thank you to the one and only Colin Edwin for making it possible) tomorrow before their gig at the Boerderij Zoetermeer, and Thursday I have an interview planned with Neil Mahony (MAHONEY, ex-Amplifier)!

By the way, I also uploaded my two latest album reviews I did for Background Magazine! Go check them out:

Marvin B. Naylor – Earth And All the Universes & Spaceships There Are (CD + EP review) A lovely CD and EP from multi-instrumentalist Marvin B. Naylor. Think light psychedelic music!

IWKC – Evil Bear Boris A nice mixture of neo-classic and art rock from this great Russian band!


Iris, aka Ier!


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