Roving reporter news again!


Hey hey, ‘sme with some updates! Let’s start with some stuff that I did the last week…

I had a lovely interview with Roine Stolt last Tuesday! We mostly talked about his latest album he made with Jon Anderson, named Invention Of Knowledge (you can read my review about that album here). I also published several interviews (including a video interview) and a gig review on this website in the last couple of days, you can find the links of those interviews and gig review later on in this post.

I’m busy preparing my interview I have with Billy Sherwood in a couple of hours, I’m very excited and curious about what he has to say. We will probably mostly talk about his latest album he made with CIRCA:, named Valley Of The Windmill, which will be released in early July this year (you can read my review about that album here)!

“What about your interview with Craig Blundell? You told us you were going to interviewing him, right?” Well, Craig told me he’s still recovering from his operation he had a couple of weeks ago, so it’s best to wait until he feels better. No worries, the interview will take place someday, but let’s hope sir Blundell will feel a lot better soon first!

What to expect next week? Well, I hope I have finally some time to write some reviews again. Of course, all those interviews are so much fun to do, but take a lot of time too (well, the preparing bit then, and all the other stuff that comes with it… Luckily I have a very lovely editor who helps me a lot!).

Well, that was it for now! I probably forgot something important to tell, but yeah… Maybe it will come back in my head again! … Oh yeah, here are the links of the things I already published this week. Enjoy if you haven’t read/seen/listened to those interviews and gig review yet:

Interview with David Longdon (Big Big Train) on Purple Flower Progressive Hour

David Snape’s interview with me

Interview with John Muyng (The Jelly Jam/Dream Theater)

Video interview with Adrian Jones (Nine Stones Close) for Proglodytes

Anima Mundi live at Musicon concert review

Big hugs from your roving reporter!

Iris, aka Ier

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